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A Workers Bill of Rights

In this blog I will attempt to address all issues a worker in the United States might have with regard to their rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution.  A worker has rights that are consistent with the Spirit of the Law in the Constitution of the United States.  But one does not even have to create or delve into any created murkiness with regard to what the spirit of the law is in the Constitution with regard to workers rights because the wording is a lot more clear than that and not subject to any subjective interpretation or fabricated legalese argument.

I once met man who said that it would be too complicated to address all of a workers rights.  Too complicated for who?  All it requires is workers stating every violation of their rights at businesses that they have worked for and many concessions or rather improvements with regard to those rights.  The reason that it has not been accomplished to date is because the legal profession makes hay from the disputes.  The reality is that your rights are guaranteed by our Constitution!  There is no nebulous interpretation and it is not subject to legal interpretations made complicated in defense of business.

I will list workers rights in this one article as I remember what issues are and reach relevant conclusions.

1.  Closing Time Pay-  Very often in businesses employees have to stay after the ending work hour in order to close a place and do work that is required to close the place after the hours of operation have ceased and the last customer has left.  Sometimes employees are paid by the hour sometimes they punch the clock.  In the case of those employees who are paid by the hour; they should never have an issue of leaving work at 10 minutes after their pay hour is up because it took longer to clean up the mess; and having to argue for that money.  They worked in good faith to accurately close that business and should be paid.  Also if it can be proven that a business does not close on the hour as is stated then the owner of the business has to allocate the required amount of time needed to close such business.  It can easily be determined by looking at a list of items needed to be done and seeing how long it takes someone to do them; then allocating that amount of time/pay for the activity.  And if indeed the employee cannot close such business because he is attending to the urgent needs of a customer then there should be provisions with regard to that too.

2.   In order to guarantee a workers rights we must insist on separation of Church and State in our business structures in the United States.  The Corporate structure is indeed akin to a monarchy structure and not that of our Democratic Government.  A monarchy is indeed a unification of church and state; so therefore all decisions made by corporations must be voted on by the employees just like we elect politicians to our Government.  This will ensure that the workers have a direct say with regard to their rights; sink or swim you will be in charge.  There is considerable justification as to the implementation of such an act; Corporations have become the biggest abusers of our environment and our human health and that directive does not reflect on the American Public who works for them and nor is it consistent with the beliefs of the very workers of Corporations.  In other words you want to store radioactive waste at the back of Ernies Junkyard which is very close to the water table or you want to do everything possible not to create it in the first place; that is something employees should vote on so that they do not find themselves drinking radioactive water and dying of leukaemia in the name of the Corporation or the Union!

3.  You should never expect to be injured at work!  In other words that employee ought to respect your safety like he would his own first born son!  This concept is indeed an extension of many of your constitutional rights.  Therefore once you are done with your career with such employer the employee would expect that his life in years and in health has not been compromised in any way by working for that employer.  He should come out just as healthy as the day he started; accept for being normally older.  What does this mean?  Air quality in terms of what that employee breaths every day must be of the highest standard.  You cannot give him a towel or community respirator mask to use.  You have to respect that employees health.  Why?  Because you could not make the money you do without that employee; your asset.  And the whole employee pool of this country must be respected and developed as if they are indeed an asset to the country and not an element of attrition.  That employee is not something like a mule that you ride through the desert until it drops and then you buy a new one with the money that employee made for you!

4.  Repetitive Stress Injuries
There are two ways that will be needed to be addressed with regard to this issue.
A.  All efforts must be taken to see that employees are not required to perform day in and day out duties in a manner that will leave them crippled by a repetitive stress injury.  That means making changes to methods of production to ameliorate this.
B.  Because all companies will be required to comply with democratic rule and governmentship all companies will be required to shift employees throughout positions to lessen this.  You will find that employee rotation through the positions in the company will indeed create the best innovation and development ideas for the company.  So there are many more benefits than the costs that you might assume.  Also employee rotation means that you will have to clean up your act with regard to responsibly educating your children and seeing that children are responsibly educated in the school system.  If this cannot be done whereby an potential employee has their own knowledge and skills upon graduation from school then indeed you have created a second class citizen.  You might not like the idea of a true classification of citizens in the United States of America.  Why not?  Because many of the rich in the United States would not fit into the upper level classification anymore!  But like it or not you have created a class structure in the United States.   What would be the matter if we had a class structure that was based on the truth; that would indeed be more consistent with democracy and freedom.  In other words we can't give a third grade flunky, missing a lot of teeth from drinking, has a low IQ but is a very good talker, ...we can no longer give that person a lot of money in our democracy and prop them up on the podium and expect the American public to believe in them---for what valid reason?  Many in the United States love the moniker Tough Love all well and good, now you are going to have to live up to the real meaning of that!!!!

5.  In no case in the United States will a person be required to do short term work that benefits a company and is highly deadly to their own life.  In other words you cannot expect to hire an employee to take experimental pharmaceutical drugs.  You have to try those yourself at the highest level of the company.  This provision will indeed be made retroactive to all employees of pharmaceutical companies issuing drugs.  Background; we have created enough freaks and mutants in the United States to suit the fancy of an evil alchemy agenda!  You are done with your alchemy and denial of pollution and mutations that you have caused and you must be made accountable.  The spirit of the law in the United States is that the punishment should fit the crime.  If you actions have created what can be construed to be humiliation to someone then you will indeed be forced to experience the equivalent public humiliation.  This is the only way that we are going to rid our society of the transient spirit of evil that possesses business people.  It needs to exorcised from them for good once and for all.  If your son or daughter or employee deals drugs through your business you will have them shoved in your mouth until they are swallowed and-----ALL GONE!

Feel Free to add any sincere comment with regard to issues you have had as a worker in a comment box below.  Once a large enough list is made the Workers Bill of Rights can be organized such that the rights are grouped and the document codified so that the Constitutional Law is Represented.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. The tail of the zealot got me at the end of this one too.


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